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Periodicals (1981-2000)

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Papers & Presentations

What it is to Share Religion in Marriage.  Council of the Clergy paper by the Rev. Kenneth J. Alden.

Second Coming Prophecies Fulfilled.  Paper by the Rev. Jan H. Weiss.

Women, Men, and the Church.  Presentation by the Rev. Pete Buss, Jr.

Resurrection Services and What the Writings Teach About the First Three Days after Death.  Council of the Clergy paper by the Rev. Dr. Jonathan S. Rose.

Waking up to a new life “on the third day,” after the Resuscitation Process.  Some thoughts by the Rev. Grant Odhner.

What the Lord Says about Salvation in the Gospels. Study by the Rev. David Lindrooth.

Preaching with Meaning.  By the Rev. David Lindrooth.

“Proprium”:  Summary of Meanings.  Compilation by the Rev. N. Bruce Rogers.

The Meaning of the Word “Proprium”.  Paper by the Rev. N. Bruce Rogers.

The New New Church.  By the Rev. Dr. Reuben Bell.

Grounds for Divorce.  Paper by the Rev. N. Bruce Rogers.

A Female Priest Cannot Properly Represent the Lord.  Paper by the Rev. Kurt P. Nemitz.

Gender and of the Priesthood of the New Church in the 21st Century.  Paper by the Rev. N. Bruce Rogers.

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